Create a spook-tacular Halloween Party

Create a spook-tacular Halloween Party

Halloween is everywhere and the excitement is mounting for the big day. Kids are discussing outfits, parents are plotting trick or treat routes and parties are being planned. If you’re organising a Halloween party this year, then a Dracula theme is a brilliant choice – the legendary blood sucking fiend has never been so popular with hit TV show character Vamparina and the Hotel Transylvania movies. Throw a fang-tastic Vampire Party this year with these spooky ideas – just make sure there’s no garlic or stakes in sight.

Pin the tooth on Dracula

Image by Prepared Not Scared

Head online and print out this brilliant template for a twist on pin the tail on the donkey.  You can even cut out teeth templates and it’s completely free. Grab a blindfold and let the kids queue up to help Dracula retrieve his blood sucking abilities by returning his teeth.

Vampire pop cakes

Image by Bakerella

If you have an aspiring Mary Berry in your family and friend group then ask them to give you a hand with these – they will be a massive hit and look so impressive.   Get giant lollipop sticks and use a hole punch to punch a hole in a red cupcake wrapper and add a round cake ball to the top. Then decorate away to create your own edible vampires.  For the full recipe see Bakerella.

Blood stained apple dunking

This is a really simple one – bring back the retro game by filling a washing up bowl with water, a crop of Ribena or pomegranate juice and some apples – see who can fish out the fruit with their fangs!

Vampire crafts

Image by Wonderful DIY

Get the kids making their own vampires in a few easy steps using paint.  Paint the bottom half and thumb of your child’s hand with tan paint and their four fingers black.  Place their hand on white paper and add stick on googly eyes – then draw on a mouth and fangs.

Vampire drink

Image by GoodtoKnow

This is really easy and you can even add something stronger for the grown ups – all you need to do is blend 500ml of pomegranate juice with 250ml of grape juice and 250ml of ginger beer.  Stir it all together for a blood curdling tipple.

Vampire decorations

Image by Cutting Image

Finally, cut out bat shapes from black card.  Stick them all around the room or tie onto clear pieces of string and hang from windows.  For outside add a few fangs to your pumpkins to scare your guests when they arrive.

Let me know how you are celebrating Halloween, I would love to hear your ideas see your photos!

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