It’s the most wonderful – and scariest – time of the year!

It’s the most wonderful – and scariest – time of the year!

Forget Santa! For my kids Halloween is probably the most exciting event of the year and our street is always packed with trick or treaters every year. Last year my girls dressed up as vampires and took it a bit too far by trying to bite each other on the neck! There’s a lot of prep involved and this year it’s brilliant timing as Halloween falls just after half term – so use the week wisely and get ready for the spookiest day with these tips:

1- Get your house ready

On our street, there’s fierce competition – who can decorate their house in the most terrifying way!  Stay ahead of the crowd this year with this easy monster door. Get some masking tape and fix streamers to the top of your front door – then tape across the centre of the door to create a mouth. Two paper plates and stick some round pieces of black card are used to make the eyes. Stick them on the door with some masking tape above and ta-da! You have a spooky front door that no one can ignore. Pop a few pumpkins around the entrance too for added effect.

2- Get the outfits ready

When I was a kid, the only outfits on offer were an old sheet with two eyes cut in – now head into any supermarket and you are hit with a sea of sparkly outfits which are worthy of any theatrical production. If you are on a budget then dress in black and make a witch hat at home.  Take a large piece of cardboard and fold it into a cone, trimming off any excess to create a flat base. Make 1.5 cm cuts all along the base. Place the cone onto another piece of black card and cut a larger circle around it – pull out each of the cuts from the cone and superglue the larger circle onto it to make the brim.

3 – Invest in some facepaints

Kids love a face-paint and Halloween is the biggest day in the face painting world. Snazaroo do some brilliant sets that you can buy online. If you are no artist then simply colour in your child’s face in white, add black to the eyebrows and red around the mouth – a really easy vampire.  Or create a devil by colouring in the face in red and adding black brows. Scary stuff – remember a good cleanser to get it all off.

4- Keep busy over half term with spooky crafts

Go to and download come free spooky Halloween colouring in templates.  Or buy some Rich Tea biscuits and ice them with orange or green icing to make a base for a pumpkin or monster. Use white chocolate to make pumpkin faces or brown chocolate for monster hair. Stock up on pumpkins and spend time pulling out seeds and making them into Jack O Lanterns – you can even dry the pumpkin seeds, paint them and use for art.

5- Stock up on treats

Head to Lidl where there are loads of deals on Halloween sweets, buy in bulk online – Swizzels do 5kg tubs and every brand has a Halloween version of their product.  Or source things like big bags of wrapped chews which go a long way. Don’t forget to buy a plastic pumpkin bucket from the supermarket – Sainsbury’s do one for around £1 – essential for any Trick or Treater.

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