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There are hundreds of parenting blogs all over the internet but I hope that < Mini Me Madness > provides something a little different.This blog will take a unique and frank view at what it’s really like to be a modern day parent.  


Every week expect to find debate on the hottest topics at the school gates (whether it’s nit gate or childcare) as well as the latest media headlines – plus there’ll be last minute ideas on how to entertain your little ones, recipe ideas and lots, lots more.




About me

A few years ago, I was a London PR girl, navigating the world of celebrities, launch parties and of course the media.  But all that changed when I became a mum – my 24-7 media life has now become a sometimes stay at home and part time working mum whose social life revolves around coffee shop dates with other exhausted parents.  Gone are the debates on the best restaurant or bar of the week– these have been replaced with tales of sickness, failing nannies and night time wake ups…but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m writing this blog as I hope to highlight the real life dilemmas that face parents and create some debate that can help others.

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